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Pre-Orders & Bulk

What is a Pre-Order?
A pre-order occurs when an item is sold out (not in stock) and you wish to purchase it.


Why should I Pre-Order a product?  
Pre-ordering ensures that you’ll receive the hottest products as close to the re-stock date as possible.  Please note you will be purchasing a product which will be delivered at a later date.


How do I Pre-Order an item?
Press the Pre-Order button on the product and it will be added to your cart.


When will I get my pre-order item?
Most pre-order items are shipped within 30 days of the pre-order; please note once the item has shipped the order cannot be cancelled.  The standard Return Policy will come into affect.


Want to save more?

We have additional savings for clients and businesses who wish to purchase our items in bulk through our Bulk Discount Savings Program.

Please email us directly at with the items and quantities you are looking for and we will get back to within 48 hours with a special price.

Please note the MOQ (minimum order quantity) is 5 per each item to be eligible for the Bulk Discount Savings Program

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