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7 Speed Adjustable Wine Aerator w/ Stand

Bar Stop Canada

  • $8999


Best Aerator on the Market!

PACKAGE INCLUDES: Adjustable Wine Aerator, Wine Aerator Stand with Drip Catching Guard and Storage/Travel Pouch.

  • ✔ 100% GUARANTEED TO ACHIEVE ENHANCED FLAVOR -Twist Adjustable Aerator- Covers Up to 7 Speeds - Opens up the aromas and softens wine right out of the bottle - Stimulates the oxidation processes which triggers the release of more aromatic compounds. Enjoy a much richer bouquet, fully enhanced flavor, and a much smoother finish. Very noticeable difference in the taste of the wine when using the aerator versus the glass of wine straight out of the bottle. 
  • ✔ INSTANT AERATION STRAIGHT OUT OF THE BOTTLE - Much faster than any other decanter or aerator. No longer wait 10 to 30 minutes to drink your favorite wine. With this cutting edge Patented Multi-Stage Aeration Tool, the wine gets aerated straight out of the bottle; mixing just the right amount of air with your wine at the precise moments, allowing your wine to breathe instantly. Perfect aeration in the time it takes to pour a glass! 
  • ✔ HASSLE FREE DESIGN - The Adjustable Wine Aerator is designed to perfection. Guaranteed no overflow, no leaking, no dripping and no neck fitting problems. Features a wide opening for easy pouring and cleaning. Includes a drip catching stand to keep your tablecloth clean. 
  • ✔ BEAUTIFUL GIFT OPTION - This unique wine aerator will be loved by anyone appreciative of good wine. Comes packaged in an elegant gift box and includes a nice pouch.  
  • ✔ HOW IT WORKS? The Adjustable Patented Aeration Process makes wine taste significantly better in seconds. The Wine Aerator uses a multi-stage aeration that effectively aerates wine as you pour. This unique model allows you to choose between 7 settings of aeration starting ranging from 0-6 with 6 being the highest level of aeration.  

 Other aerators only use a single aeration design. This unique design aerates in 3 steps:

  • **STAGE 1** Umbrella Shaped Wine Sprayer: Wine pours onto a flat sheet allowing for top and bottom air exposure; getting its first boost of air.
  • **STAGE 2** Drizzle Plate: Wine passes through 32 micro holes, separating the wine into micro droplets; promoting aeration at the micro level.
  • **STAGE 3** Forced Air Vortex: Air from the top sphere is infused into the wine prior to dispensing a perfect fusion of wine and air into the glass. (See picture for diagram)


This brand new EXCLUSIVE item is a MUST HAVE; no other aerators have an adjustable 7 speed setting for various wines with a majestic stand!

Item Ships from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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