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Chilling Cubes - 8 Pack

Bar Stop Canada

  • $2999

8 Stainless Steel Chilling Cubes

8 Chilling Cubes w/ Tongs

  • Our Chilling Cubes (also called "Whiskey Stones" or "Wine Cubes") are made from premium quality high grade pure stainless steel, which is why they are dishwasher safe, unlike the other cheaper brands that are just stainless steel plated. The high level of stainless steel is also why they will never rust, corrode or wear with time and they contain natural antibacterial properties. 
  • Although, nothing can cool like ice does, our stainless steel chilling cubes are proven to last much longer then soapstone whiskey rocks. 
  • Contain a food grade chilling gel in the center, allowing for minimum freezing time (1-2 hrs.) and longer cooling time, over any other type on the market. They can also stay cold for hours under the proper conditions, like in a thermos or cooler. The combination of the high grade stainless steel and the frozen chilling gel is what gives our stones the advantage over the other cheaper brands out there, allowing them not only to chill a warm drink, but also to hold the temperature of an already chilled drink, for a much longer period of time. 
  • Our Chilling Cubes are also larger than the other brands out there. They are 1" (inch) cubes as opposed to the other brands that are only 3/4 of an inch. Their bigger size is another reason why they remain colder longer than any other brand out there. Our Chilling Cubes make perfect a perfect gift because they can be used in any alcoholic or regular beverage - use them in whiskey, wine, pop, juice protein shakes or any drink you would like to chill without dilution. They are 100% Eco-friendly, odorless, tasteless and BPA free. 
  • DIRECTIONS: Freeze from 1-2 hours. Shake the cubes to make sure the gel is frozen. If you can still here the liquid inside the cube, put them deeper in the freezer. If used in a warm drink, use them all for maximum results and do not hold your glass, this warms the liquid up. They sink to the bottom of the glass, so the bottom will get colder first, let the whiskey cubes sit for a few minutes, then give your glass a swirl and enjoy without diluting your scotch, wine, beer or favorite non-alcoholic drink!

Item ships from Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.

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